Over the last 40+ years, Larry has transformed ideas and products into global brands. Best known for co-founding Herbalife, a public company operating in 53 countries and generating over 3 billion dollars in annual revenue, Larry laid the foundation for much of the direct selling industry.

For life to change, you have to change

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The Wall Street Journal called Larry Thompson, “The Architect of Wealthbuilding” for good reason.

Rolf Sorg, President PM-International

“Larry Thompson has been a mentor to me and my team for over twenty years. He’s a living encyclopedia for Direct Sales and his powerful message appeals to the fresh distributors as well as to the seasoned leaders.Thank you Larry for giving me crucial insight and advice on my business and personal life for the past 20 years.”

Ken, Vemma

“Hi Larry! Hope you’re doing well. I’m over in Africa teaching networkers what we learned from you 30 years ago in Herbalife, and it still works amazingly.”

Matt and Nancy Leavitt, Herbalife Top Earners

“Larry, we contribute our success to you. Your teachings are ingrained in our heads and hearts thanks to your Millionaire Training CD’s. After 20 plus years in this industry, we are blessed to call you our mentor and dear friend. Thank you for being real, for loving people, and for the willingness to improve the people of our profession. We are forever grateful!”